The Xarxa de Turisme Responsable (ICRT Barcelona) is a network of people with different background, experiences and voices on tourism.   It is responsible tourism, however, that is our binding commitment.  We believe that actors in tourism should take responsibility for the environmental (both global and local), social and economic implications of their actions.  We are therefore critical where criticism is deserved.  But we hope to offer that criticism constructively, suggesting what should change and why.  If their are barriers to change we will seek to identify these and suggest how they should be overcome.

Our actions may involve:

  • advocating for changes in policies, operations and activities at those institutions and businesses involved in tourism
  • promoting the principles and practices of responsible tourism through training, education and awareness programmes
  • networking with individuals, businesses and other organisations that support the principles of responsible tourism and want to put those into operation

The scope for these actions covers Barcelona, its hinterland in Catalunya and the Mediterannean, as well as different sectors of the tourism industry, e.g. the cruise industry, food and beverage, tourism in protected areas, etc.

We will partner with businesses, NGOs and governmental groups to take such actions, particularly when focused on making tourism more responsible in destinations within our geographical area.  We will also cooperate in activities on an international scale via our links with the ICRT network.

To facilitate networking and the sharing of knowledge on responsible tourism we will be organising a series of events.  Look out for a responsible tourism meeting and workshop in the near future to be held in Barcelona.  In 2012 we hope to host a responsible tourism conference in Barcelona to bring in expertise from around the region and other parts of the world where real responsible tourism outcomes are being realised.