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Talking Responsible Tourism

Why the increasing talk about responsible tourism?

What is responsible tourism?  Is it an “eco-thing”?  Is it the same as sustainable tourism?  If so, why use a different name?

What are the principles of responsible tourism.  Can we go beyond these to create effective global templates for responsible tourism?

Can you distinguish greenwashing from greenhushing?

Is flying out of the question for the responsible tourist?

How does real responsible tourism change things in tourism?  How does it make a difference to people’s holidays and travel experiences?  And how does it make a difference to people’s lives in the places where tourism is conducted?

As part of a weekend event being organised by the Xarxa de Turisme Responsable in collaboration with the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) there will be two opportunities to talk responsible tourism and develop answers to the questions posed above.  These are:

  • Friday 30th March, 17.30-20.00 — a “get to know responsible tourism” meeting involving members of the ICRT, the Xarxa de Turisme Responsable, tourism academics, consultants, change makers, and people working in the local tourism industry.
  • Sunday 1st April, 10.30-14.30 — a series of talks sharing knowledge and experience on responsible tourism, including a run down on ten years of progress in responsible tourism since the Cape Town declaration on responsible tourism in destinations by a world-renowned authority on responsible tourism, Prof. Harold Goodwin.

The venue for both these meetings is the café-cum-cultural centre, Valentina, in the heart of the Barri Gòtic (Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter) at Plaça Regomir, 2.

Sunday’s session includes coffee/refreshment during a break, plus a buffet lunch (for around €10).

Come to either or both of these sessions if

  • you want to find out more about what responsible tourism means internationally and locally.
  • you want to connect with people from other places already involved or with a strong interest in responsible tourism (we have people coming form Berlin, London, Viena, Copenhagen, Málaga and elsewhere).
  • you want to contribute to the debate and drive forward real responsible tourism change in a place that matters to you.

If you plan to come please let us know by sending a short email to Mariana at: marianaceleste@yahoo.com


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